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 RBC-Packed Media Technology is an alternative cost-effective, tried and tested waste water treatment facility to prospective institutions and commercial establishments.

Features and Advantages 

 •Treatment Efficacy is guaranteed to reach 90%-95%

 •Effluent of BOD using Azide Modification Dilution is 45%-50% lower than the 560 ppm limit.

 •Effluent of TSS using gravimetric method is 70%-75% lower than 30 ppm limit.

 •Effluent of COD using Open Reflux is 35%-45% lower than the 100mg/L.

 •Effluent pH rating using Potentiometric test is within the 6.5-9.0 limit.

 •Effluent Visual Comparison is 30%-35% lower than 150 PCU limit.


Major Process of RBC-PMT

A biological film develops on the filter media. The film is responsible for the decomposition of the organic matter to wastewater. The film is a viscous jelly-like slime composed of very large and diverse population of living micro-organisms called “Biomass”.




Our RBC-PMT meets the criteria set by:



Department of Environment and Natural Resources



Asian Development Bank


  • •Low effective cost and affordable
  • •Easy and low maintenance
  • •Easy repair
  • •Low power consumption
  • •Minimal disposal of sludge
  • •Low maintenance cost
  • •Flexible use of space
  • •Low operational cost
  • •Savings from consumption
  • •Lower expansion and retrofit costs


Plastic Ain't so Fantastic

100,000 marine creatures a year die from plastic entanglement and these are the ones found.


  • •Localized parts and materials for RBC
  • •Few moving parts
  • •Surface mounted
  • •Few pumps and motor
  • •Close loop
  • •Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
  • •Movable and lightweight FRP
  • •No chemical additive
  • •Possible water re-use
  • •Modular


rbc final      

Treated water can be recycled for use in flushing toilet bowl, gardening, and other applications. It is 100% Odor-Free .