RBC - Rotating Biological Contactor

   Rotating Biological Contactor                          

RBC-Packed Media Technology is an alternative cost-effective, tried and tested waste water treatment facility to prospective institutions and commercial establishments.

Features and Advantages 

 •Treatment Efficacy is guaranteed to reach 90%-95%

 •Effluent of BOD using Azide Modification Dilution is 45%-50% lower than the 560 ppm limit.

 •Effluent of TSS using gravimetric method is 70%-75% lower than 30 ppm limit.

 Effluent of COD using Open Reflux is 35%-45% lower than the 100mg/L.

 •Effluent pH rating using Potentiometric test is within the 6.5-9.0 limit.

 Effluent Visual Comparison is 30%-35% lower than 150 PCU limit.


Major Process of RBC-PMT

A biological film develops on the filter media. The film is responsible for the decomposition of the organic matter to wastewater. The film is a viscous jelly-like slime composed of very large and diverse population of living micro-organisms called “Biomass”.

RBC ver 8.0 Using a biological process for wastewater. Both anaerobic and aerobic conditions thrive in the fixed biofilm attached to the series of closely spaced media filters mounted on a slowly rotating shaft. The rotation allows the biofilm to come in contact with the wastewater and alternately exposes the same to the oxygen in the atmosphere for repiration thus, facilitating the degradation of the pollutants.

Our RBC-PMT meets the criteria set by: